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innovation management

Promoting the development of ideas, fostering cooperation, disseminating technological innovation for products and organizations.


Introduction and application of techniques and methods such as Product Lifecycle Management, Brainstorming, Project Management.


Here under are some of the aspects we regularly apply to innovation management with companies we work with.


Some successful experiences:

  • Professional and administrative management of a fruit processing business unit

  • Head of the Central Laboratory of Switzerland's fruit industry, strategic development

  • Handling of economic (planning of fruit processing), legislative (branch contact person for federal governmental offices and cantonal laboratories), financial (cost comparison between processing enterprises) and marketing issues (president of commissions for a national Swiss label).

  • Negotiation with the relevant federal government offices (alcohol administration, health, labour regulations and security)

  • Negotiation on pricing with major retailers

  • Management of the secretariat of the Swiss beverage industry

  • Membership in international professional bodies (International Fruit Juice Union, UN, etc.)

  • Administrative, financial and HR management (50 persons) for the Department of Food Technology

  • Establishment of the Department Of Bakery Technology at the Wädenswil University of Applied Sciences (including construction and furnishing of production facilities for baked goods)

  • Site supervision in building renovation (addition of two extra floors)

  • Deputy Director, Member of the Department Staff, Head of Staff Trainer (15 FTE.) With the following departments: study administration, Coordination Master, QM, Administration of Alumni Network

  • Overall supervision of student administration including recourse, supervision of lecturers

  • Q-person in charge, development of Q-management, management reviews

  • President of Masters Committee for the whole of Switzerland; Directorate of Federal Nutrition Society, Managing Director of Swiss Society of Food Science and Technology. 

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