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Turlago GmbH

Quality improvement
Innovation management
Strategy developement
Turlago Veterinary Services

strategy developement

In the strategic management of a company, we take great care of the following aspects:

Overall responsibility of an SME


  • Good business management and financial development of the company

  • Organizational structure of the company and its good functioning

  • Maintaining relationships with the Board of Directors and other stakeholders

  • Representing the company by external counterparts

  • Ensuring good communication between employees in each department and between the various business units






  • Development of new business fields and business concepts for the sustainable positive growth of the company

  • Decision on all financial aspects within the competencies of the director

  • Decision on all personnel, technological and technical issues within the scope of the Director's competences

  • Promotion and support of quality policies in all business areas

  • Ensuring food safety in the course of operations, as well as supply and delivery

  • Sales contact for major customers (Migros, Coop, Manor, etc.)





  • Periodic validation of the internal Q system with the Q officer

  • Improvement of all process steps, optimization of internal processes

  • Ensure legal compliance in all business areas




  • Periodic qualification of the cadre (members of the management,  heads of business units)

  • Development and implementation of measures aimed at making jobs more attractive and efficient

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